This blog will follow the progress of design students at Farnham University of Creative Arts, as they create original artworks inspired by Jane Austen's House Museum, Chawton.

The exhibition, "Under the Influence", will be held at the museum 12th June - 10th September 2010.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Exhibition Opening

All the artwork is now in place in the house and looks beautiful.

The private view happened on the 11th June and was a fantastic start to the exhibition. Professor Magdalene Odundo officially opened the exhibition and spoke about how important it is to examine historical objects when designing unique contemporary artwork.

The staff at the museum love all the artwork and we've had lovely comments from visitors. We all feel the project has been a huge success and are already planning how to continue it in the future.

Under the Influence ends 10th September.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

"There was a deathly silence" Stephanie Hunter

‘There was a deathly silence’ (Fanny Price, Mansfield Park 1814).

My first impression of Jane Austen’s house was one of peace, prettiness and femininity. Yet Austen’s novels are about much more: comedy, satire, a sense of realism and moral issues. I work in an eclectic, intuitive style fuelled by research into issues that concern and interest me. Metaphor is a prevailing concept. My platters create a tension of formal elegance against the unpalatable imagery of social injustice, which encourages us to see Austen in a more political and contemporary light.

Below are imges I have incorporated into my plate designs.

Home and Away - Laurie Price

Laurie has produced a very unique piece of work - influenced by the intricacies of the globe in the Admirals Room she has developed a metal framed textile piece. Exploring issues of place, home and travel she highlights the differences between the Austen navy brothers and their England bound sisters.