This blog will follow the progress of design students at Farnham University of Creative Arts, as they create original artworks inspired by Jane Austen's House Museum, Chawton.

The exhibition, "Under the Influence", will be held at the museum 12th June - 10th September 2010.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Julie Ann Wise - work so far...

These slipcast wood fired bottles were inspired by the glass and ceramic bottles in the Jane Austen House Museum. Old Apothecary bottles were sourced and moulded, the aim is to make herbal tinctures from the herbs in the garden in order to invite the public to smell and handle these.

The cast bottles are also symbolic of Jane Austen's era when Martha Llloyd would have made herbal remedies in the kitchen and it was the women of the house that made these waters and tinctures for all manner of purposes.

Jane Austen's novels also refer to the health of the characters througout her text. The descriptions really give a sense of that period just as herbal remedies were starting to be replaced by scientific investigation into diseases.

"Marianne became ill again, growing more heavy, restless, and uncomfortable than before. Her sister [...] carefully administering the cordials perscribed" Sense and Sensibility